How should I paint my hull ?

a. The hull inside was painted with a Canadian two part epoxy called Endura but I am sure any epoxy paint would do. The worst job is the preparation, to grind the hull to get rid of the waxy coating on top of the fibreglass, if it is in the condition where it came from the molding. The paint won’t stay long on the waxed fibreglass. It is possible to use sanding disks or a belt sander (coarse, 24 grit to minimize plugging up) if you can get access. I suggest that this is a good job to get someone else to do, ensuring that they take care not to damage anything. In some areas we put regular alkyd paint on top of the epoxy paint although it can take a while to dry machineryspacerudder.jpg. David Salter (s/v #050, Opportunity)

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