In-boom furling mainsail

What’s a good furling mainsail arrangement?

We are very happy to report that our new Shaefer Boom Furling works as intended, and then some. To save the 3 k USD, I went with the Beta boom @ 16′ ( instead of the Gamma @ 18′ ) Frankly, I had doubts whether the smaller boom diameter would accommodate all that luff, it just made it !! with not much to spare using the 8 oz. cloth. As far as the sail goes, we just roached the new main to the MAX… Bottom line: MUCH improved performance all around especially close hauled. I installed the whole thing in one day and the only pain was routing the main halyard and the boom furling line into the cockpit ( with least friction possible ) and I had to modify the new Shaefer blocks to suit. See pictures. Frank Bryant (s/v #186, Visitant).

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