In making a deck repair, how can I duplicate the deck pattern?

Unfortunately, the coring on parts of my deck needed to be replaced and an additional unfortunate is that I hired the wrong guy to fix it. (See deck repair 1 and deck repair 2 .) Before I knew it he cut the deck up and tossed it and a long list of other incompetence’s. Should have just done it myself from the beginning. I found a product called Flex-Mold and they have a pattern that matches the Corbin diamond non-skid. However, since I don’t have the original section anymore and no good pictures, I’m unsure of the original non-skid patterns in the area. Could you please ask the group and see if anyone would be willing to send me some good pictures of my repair areas? Thanks, Tom Knight, #157, Fabled Past, [Ed. Note: The need for deck repairs usually results from improper sealing of any holes cut through the deck. Be sure to epoxy the exposed layers of the deck.]

a. Tom, No replies, yet, although Marius Corbin did send an email to the man near Montreal who supervised the building of the Corbins. Everyone else is busy sailing. If you have located a company that supplies a rubberized sheet material with a pattern that matches our decks, then you have 90% of the problem solved. Could you send me an email link to that source? Lester Helmus.

b. Understand, I should be sailing also vs doing all these projects 😉 The product is called Gibco Flex-Mold and it’s available from . The part number of the Corbin pattern is GFD302. I called them and they sent me a free sample of about 60 different patterns they have. Tom

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