I am looking for boat insurance for sailing offshore and into the southern Caribbean. Our current supplier will only cover us for the eastern US and the Bahamas. Would you pls. inquire with the membership about who they may be working with for a more extensive boat insurance package? Thanks for your help. David and Wendy Hibbard, Endorphin #195.

a. I was in a similar boat and was able to get insurance for the Caribbean and pacific from Blue Water Yacht Ins in Jupiter Florida. Also here is another potential insurer for David. They are used by a number of rally boats. Pantaenius Yacht Insurance, Contact Scott Stusek at or 914-217-7991. Note that the World Cruising Club requires you maintain third-party liability coverage and most foreign countries will allow entry only if you’re insured (as with most marinas). Check out Pantaenius, with whom many rally boats are insured, and whom Mia and I use for Arcturus. They’re world-class and offer the best rates & services we’ve yet encountered. Cheers, Willi Steinke (#050, Arcturus).

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