Pathfinder diesel information

Do you own a Pathfinder diesel? I would be interested to hear from anyone else with a Pathfinder engine. I have made a couple of modifications for accessories and have some questions re belts. Regards to all, David Salter (s/v #050, Opportunity)

a. David, I’ve just purchased a refurbished pathfinder engine from Pathfinder Marine in Montreal. These people are amazing! If you want ANY information on changing things on your engine call John at 1-514-695-6676. He’ll answer any questions and supply original parts. They’re still in business, and going strong. With the engine comes an original Pathfinder engine handbook (250 pages!) with all part #’s and repair instructions. They are also offering a deal on new engines and will take your old one on trade. Call John, he’s really knowledgeable and helpful. Paul Melanson (s/v #058, #058, Quintana Grande)

b. Hello, for Pathfinder information or upgrades, or parts… write to John at Pathfinder They are also known as Trigon Machinery Inc. out of the Montreal area. I have just bought a rebuilt pathfinder from their exchange program. They’ll upgrade you to a higher hp engine and take your old one on trade.(* Pathfinder trade-ins only) They’re extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and keep extensive files. Paul Melanson (s/v #058, #058, Quintana Grande)