Trailers and Centre Of Gravity

At some point we will be hauling our boat and plan to trailer it to our shop. We need any information from those who have experience moving this heavy boat. Our trailer builder needs to know the center of gravity of the boat. Best regards”, Tim and Vicki Baggett (#154, Brillo del Sol).

a. I moved my Corbin (Jakatar) from the storage area where it was being finished to the marina about 50 miles away by contracting a specialized boat-transport truck with a hydraulic trailer. If my memory is correct, it cost 300 Canadian dollars for a highly professional job (but that was 14 years ago). My point is that it may be cheaper, and less hassle, to truck it rather than build a trailer unless you plan to use the trailer a certain number of times. Best regards, Horacio Marteleira (#073, Jakatar, Peniche, Portugal).

b. I have moved our boat twice, once a long distance and another a short one. In each case the boat, in a cradle, was placed on a flatbed by the Travel Lift and the issue of center of gravity never came up. Regards, Frank Bryant (#186, Visitant).