What’s the best steering system for the Corbin 39?

I have hull #127 a “Special Edition” aft cockpit cutter which I’m currently overhauling. I am looking at improving the steering systems which currently consist of dual mechanical stations. The pedestal is an Edson classic, the upper station has cable in conduit (conduit about 10′ long on each side) and the lower station is also cable in conduit which has about 17′ on each side. Each station has it’s own quadrant with the outside one fixed and the lower one backed off so it is not operable without a pin being engaged to connect the rudder post to the shaft. My concern is twofold: First, the outside station has a fair bit of drag in it which I’d like to eliminate or at least reduce considerably. My second concern is that the connecting pin for the lower station is inadequate for the forces on the quadrant that should rely on clamping friction to transfer the loads. I’m thinking of adding some idlers and sheaves to operate the upper station with an open cable arrangement, along with ensuring the lower station quadrant is not dragging which hopefully will resolve the friction in the upper station. Next I would replace the wire & conduit in the lower station to reduce that friction. If lucky I can connect both stations all the time without too much friction. Can any of our members suggest anything else? I don’t think I want to change over to a hydraulic system. Jack Verheyden (s/v #127, Kathrian).

a. I have my question answered. I installed a Jefa steering system, similar to the Whitlock, but with reduction gears and shafts…Works GREAT. Jack Verheyden (s/v #127, Kathrian)