Where should I locate my inverter/charger ?

a. On my Corbin the Inverter/Charger (Heart Interface 1000 watt) is under the nav table seat. You won’t see much in the photo. I have stainless grilles to assist cooling air flow. The fan comes on occasionally. This location minimizes the wiring distance from the batteries and from the breaker panel. I believe I used #2 gauge wire, actually welding cable. This is not tinned but costs a lot less and I took pains to seal all the ends into the heavy duty lugs(from an electrical supplier) with heatshrink and silicone caulk for the wire ends. I used Ancor lug crimper, p/n 701010, W. Marine 214080, and squeezed it in a vice where possible, otherwise using a heavy C-clamp (tricky as it tends to slip off) inverterundernavseat.jpg. David Salter (s/v #050, Opportunity)