Which winches should I buy for my Corbin 39?

I am outfitting my Corbin and am ready to purchase winches. What would you recommend for sizes in self-tailers? I have seen some manufacturers’ recommendations, but I want to find out what people are actually using and what they find appropriate for size. Thanks! Al Sachs (s/v #081, Blue Pearl)

a. Hello, I would recommend #48 for the primaries and #34 or larger for the staysail. I like Anderson winches; they are made of ss and seem to hold up the best. Henry and Mattie Mcalarney (s/v #018, 2 Extreme)

b. Mast heights vary between Corbins. I have an extra-tall mast and require larger winches. Calculate your genoa area and decide for racing or cruising. Then, consult the guide on Page 276 in the BoatUS catalog. Use the drum diameter, gear and power ratios to interpolate to winches made by manufacturers other than Lewmar. Buy a two-speed winch and go up one size, if you are weak and rich. Lester Helmus (s/v #010, Insouciance)

c. We bought most of our winches long ago, in 1980, as part of a Co-Op purchase and the total order then was just over $40,000! These were Barient winches, now out of business. This is what we have installed, all chrome plated bronze, with 10″ handles. (Photo shows the Wheelhouse roof mounted winches.) http://www.corbin39.com/qanda/winchesatopwheelhouse.jpg
Primary, Genoa sheets: 2 Lewmar 56, 2 speed, Self Tailing (ST). These were bought in 1996 and are perhaps slightly oversized but they are great to use and my wife can haul me up the mast with one.
Secondary, Staysail sheets (also used for Genoa furling line, when necessary): 2 Barient 27, 2 speed, ST.
Main Sheet: Barient 23, 2 speed, ST ( mounted on wheelhouse top, Stbd.)
Main Halyard (also used via rope clutches for Clew reef lines): Barient 21, 2 speed (mounted on wheelhouse top, Stbd.)
Boom Vang, Outhaul, Topping Lift, Staysail Halyard, via rope clutches: Barient 21, 2 speed (mounted on wheelhouse top, Port.)
Mast Mount for misc. halyards etc.: Port side: Barient 18, 2 speed, used for Genoa Halyard and misc. Stbd sde: Barient 10, used for misc. Could be used for reefing Tack lines, if necessary.

NOTE 1. Originally, we bought the Barient 27s to be our Primary winches (cash constraints) although Dufour/Corbin recommended #28 or #32. Before installation we decided they were too small so bought the big Lewmars and all the others moved “up” one size. Therefore, some of the others may be a bit larger than necessary. Generally bigger is better but the main halyard winch is about right.
NOTE 2. Self Tailing is a good feature and all ST winches would be a good choice, if money is not a restriction. We have fitted a couple of the rubber “Winchers” but they don’t match a proper ST winch. It is important to match ST winches to the rope size being used to avoid slippage.
NOTE 3. To accommodate our wheelhouse mounting for lines led aft we have fitted tubes through the forward cockpit coaming (1980 hull version) so the ropes can lead directly to the clutches and winches. This was a tricky fibreglassing job but it works very well.
NOTE 4. If you are planning dodger and wheelhouse top winches make sure you locate the winches so that you can swing the handles. We have seen many boats where this is a problem. Our dodger has a side curtain that is usually kept rolled up to allow the Secondary (forward) cockpit winches to have full circle handle rotation. Make sure the ST stripper is in the correct location, as shown by the winch manufacturer. David Salter (s/v #050, Opportunity)

d. I was looking for other info when I found a good colour pdf catalog for Barient winches on the C & C Yacht website http://www.cncphotoalbum.com/index1.htm It appears to date from 1989 (last page). I have Barient winches, as did many of the Canadian finished boats. My catalog is not so colourful and dates from 1979. David (s/v #050, Opportunity)