Wind generator / wind turbine advice ?

a. Just finished installing and wiring a KISS Wind Generator. Could not get output, so I’m taking it apart to see what makes it tick. Guess I am the type that never accepts the concept of ” black box ” with space age epoxy. I need to know what’s inside and how it works. If anyone wants some info on the KISS without going to Trinidad I would be happy to help… Regards. Frank Bryant (s/v #186, Visitant)

b. Our Kiss Wind Gen., nice unit, very quiet, in 20 kn we were getting +/- 15 amps. However it does NOT output any appreciable power until after 9 kn. It also does NOT point very well into the wind, I will check this out at haul out. Frank Bryant (s/v #186, Visitant)

c. Editor (2019). I know more about this than I care to admit, but I am short of time right now loading the whole website. If you find this text and are in a rush to buy a wind turbine then email me (admin @ ) and I’ll write a proper answer.