Mast rewiring

How do I rewire my mast? Can you please help. I am trying to do some rewiring in the mast (Isomat): radar, coax, and a triplex wire for deck and steaming light. Are there internal conduits in the mast that extend below the side exit? Do I need to pull the mast? Gene Stoddard (#158, …

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Install a “counterpoise” to my single sideband (SSB) radio?

I am installing an SSB radio in Whaleback and am seeking any assistance regarding the installation of the “counterpoise” grounding system. I am using a 3″ copper foil and would like input from any skipper who has experience with adhesives, connections to tanks, etc. or general feedback on the overall “counterpoise” install. Tim O’Neil (#138, …

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Wind generator / wind turbine advice ?

a. Just finished installing and wiring a KISS Wind Generator. Could not get output, so I’m taking it apart to see what makes it tick. Guess I am the type that never accepts the concept of ” black box ” with space age epoxy. I need to know what’s inside and how it works. If …

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How should I wire my AC circuitry ?

a. Regarding your earlier request for an AC schematic, I don’t have one and it would be very simple. We have 6 active AC breakers, plus a couple of spares. Each breaker feeds a chain of AC receptacles (one feeds the water heater, not yet commissioned). These are all Pass & Seymour stainless steel, hospital …

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Where should I locate my inverter/charger ?

a. On my Corbin the Inverter/Charger (Heart Interface 1000 watt) is under the nav table seat. You won’t see much in the photo. I have stainless grilles to assist cooling air flow. The fan comes on occasionally. This location minimizes the wiring distance from the batteries and from the breaker panel. I believe I used …

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Can I make my distribution panel swing open?

a. The wiring behind the panel shows a fuse block at the left that has AGC fuses for the light loads of instruments (GPS, Nexus instruments, VHF etc.). The copper strap is the SSB ground connection. I have lots of AGC in-line fuses, all listed now I believe. They protect the light loads of various …

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DC wiring schematic

See : dccircuitschematic.jpg , Submitted by David Salter (s/v #050, Opportunity)