Hull construction and strength

This is to keep track of  hull info as it accumulates, if it isn’t recorded elsewhere:

a. “While living aboard our Camper Nicholson in Tranni, Italy, a Corbin 39 was towed into the marina by an employee in a workboat going about 7 knots. Yhe owners on the Corbin had a bad engine. The employee threw off the line a few boat lenghts out of the slip. The owners headed into the slip with no hope of stopping before smashing into the solid cement seawall. They hit, while I was watching. The marine cement seawall twisted the 45# CQR anchor up like a pretzel. The Corbin bow came up out of the water as she climbed the seawall then settled back into the Adriatic. Other than a destroyed anchor, the Corbin had a few scratches on her bow down toward the waterline. The was no other damage. If you tried that with one of the newer boats you would have to call in a salvage company. Corbin’d are one tough boat!
Jack KB8RJ” (quote from 01-08-2009, 20:01 by iona350 on cruisersforum)

b. “My friend hurricane Larry had one of these boats. Lived on it in the Caribbean and in the “keys” for many years before I met him. The boat was gorgeous, and he took it through one of the many hurricanes that he was in. Boat apparently washed ashore in the Virgin Islands and Literally broke a hole through the wall of some sort of government building on land during the storm surge.

The story goes that he and the girl he was dating crawled out of the boat and into the building and rode it out between a few large bookcases that had fallen on each other. Apparently the boat was barely hurt, but the building had a bit of trouble. He said that after the storm he only had one drawer of dry clothes in the world, and when he came back to salvage his boat a bit after the storm someone (the people who looted his boat) had opened up his sealed emergency bag and peed on them. First a hurricane and then somone pees on your stuff! Bummer.

Anyway, I digress. This is ancedotal evidence of course, but this was probably the smartest cruisers I have ever met, and if he owned one they must be pretty good. Good old uncle larry. I miss that guy. He knew absolutely everything about everything but wasn’t a know it all, and would only tell you if you asked him.” (quote from 31-08-2007, 03:09 by brian_and_clare on cruisersforum)

c. Photos of hull core plugs taken from various Corbin 39s are below.

d. Airex data sheet and product list are below:

Airex productlist AIREX Data Sheet

e. There was a Corbin that fell off a truck in 1980 that illustrates the hull strength. Chris Reynolds saw it in 1980, and in his own words, “I saw the Corbin that survived the transport accident in 1980. Muarius Corbin was having a display boat trucked from Montreal to Toronto for the winter boat show in January. There was an accident on the road, and the boat ended up skidding on its side down the highway. Apparently a small car even slammed into it. They got the boat righted and onto another truck, and made it to the show. Corbin made a frame of duct tape around the damaged area of the hull to show how minimal the damage was (basically some gelcoat scratches, no structural damage).”


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