Repair or replace a propellor shaft support strut?

I’m trying to find out from the group if anyone has had to replace the prop strut and how they managed to get a new one. I hauled my Corbin this week and the yard found that my strut is broken. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Andy Jeschke, #052, Tilikum

a. Andy, my strut was custom cast in bronze from a pattern that I made. It is offset to port so that the propshaft would clear the skeg. (See strut pic) It was made by Atkins & Hoyle, the hatch people, in Toronto. I don’t think it could break – the hull would break first! Regards, David Salter (s/v #050, Opportunity)

b. Andy, my strut was one of the last produced, and was constructed of 1/2″ stainless steel and a section of stainless tubing. Use the pieces of your old one and find a good metal shop. Good luck, Hope this helps. John Milburn on #190, Katie (a PH-CC).

c. Andy, don’t fret my friend I have good news….In the past, I tried Buck Algonquin, General Propeller- and other companies throughout the internet. No luck… General Prop said they could fabricate one out of SS for $1200-1500 but it would take 3 weeks-backlogged. I called Mar-Tec Engineering and they said they could have one made in California out of bronze in about 2 weeks for $800. I shipped the pieces of my old strut with 2 day delivery. They had the strut back to me in no time and held to their price.They have a website… Cheers, Kent Dudley (s/v Jack Iron) Hull #086.

d. Andy, The strut on #186, Visitant is NOT cast but fabricated in pieces from 1/2″ S.S. and welded to suit the angles etc. ie. hull flange, tube etc. I would further respectfully suggest that if a new tube is fabricated that it be made shorter than the standard strut bearing or get a bearing that is substantially longer, Reason: future bearing removal. ( Just my 2 cts. worth Canadian ). Frank Bryant, (s/v #186, Visitant).

e. Andy, depending on the condition of the existing strut and the extent of the break you may be able to bring it to a stainless steel welder and have it welded and reinforced…assuming it’s stainless steel (it should be). If you need a new one, I would take the old one as a pattern to someone who can fabricate stainless steel parts. Have him use a good grade like 316 Stainless for the part. Most good machinists should be able to do this for you. I think the chance of finding a factory replacement part is slim to none. Jack Verheyden (#127, Kathrian).

f. Thank you for your help with the prop strut. I got a response from John on Katie but he suggested repair which I don’t think is possible with the condition of my strut. The yard manager thinks he can come up with something from off the shelf or their fab shop can probably make one. I’ll send an email with the final resolution. Thanks again , …Andy