Where is the Center of Gravity in a Corbin 39?

This is helpful for many reasons, including GZ stability curves and trailers. Clearly it is in detail specific to an individual boat, but generally it will be approximately the same for all Corbin 39s.

a. I don`t have any drawings of the Corbin 39 left. Maybe someone in the group has and could locate the center of gravity on the drawings. The center of gravity should be between 6″ to 1′ in front of the longitudinal center of the keel and about 1′ above the bottom. This was a theoretical center because not all Corbins had the total ballast of 9000 lbs of lead. That should be enough info to build a trailer. Have a great day. Marius Corbin

b. I should imagine the centre of gravity is near the middle of the keel along its length and somewhere between 2 and 4 ft above the bottom of the keel, depending on how much of the interior has been finished. Our lead ballast was 23″ deep, I believe, sitting on the bottom of the fibreglass which was probably about 1.5″ thick Regards, David Salter (#050, Opportunity).

c. In the Longform Articles section of the website, a variety of analyses are made of stability using various Centres of Gravity (Zg). See especially the static stability and GZ studies (summarised here), and the STIX dynamic stability studies (summarised here).