Drawings : a set from 1979

These drawings are the set of approximately twenty drawings issued with #12 which was moulded in 06-1979, i.e. these are the drawings associated with the initial mk1 boats. Although #12 is a centre-cockpit (CC) boat the drawings include much that is relevant to aft cockpit boats. The drawings are also for both ketch and cutter, and for tall (double-spreader) and short (single-spreader) masts and sailplans. So these are likely of interest to all mk1 owners, and potentially also to mk2 owners.

The drawings all originate from Robert Dufour with one possible exception. We can say this because either they are titled as being “Dufour Yacht Design” in the title block, or because even though the title-block has been excluded they are copies of drawings where the title block is included and which are Dufour drawings, and the penmanship is obviously Robert Dufour. The one exception is a drawing of a hinged mast base (aka “tabernacle”) that may be sheet 1 of 2, but which has no title block and differs in some details and penmanship from the possible companion sheet 2 of 2.

These drawings have not been “as-built” and close inspection shows details which were probably never (or rarely) actually built as drawn. In particular the original below-decks mast support arrangement as shown in the structural arrangement drawing is for a longitudinal H-beam, whereas all boats seem to have been actually built with more straightforward metal or timber compression-posts. The point is that users of these drawings should be thoughtful in how they interpret details.

What is also notable is that two of these drawings are titled as being for “Harmonie”, which was designed before Marius Corbin purchased a licence from Robert Dufour for what we know as the “Corbin 39”. One of these is for the stemhead fitting and is clearly labelled “Harmonie” (see #00330), whereas the other is the internal divisions drawing where the title block is barely legible but where “Harmonie” can still be read (see #00316 etc). Nevertheless given that these drawings show a flush decked vessel, when taken into account with the entire set being from 1979/80 (and other information) it raises interesting questions about whether Marius Corbin had any material design influence in what was subsequently marketed as being the “Corbin 39”.

These drawings accompanied the unfinished mk1 #12 hull that was a “barnfind” purchased in 2022 by Tom and Carole-Anne Elliott who are working on getting her finished and into the water. The Elliotts shared the scanning costs with Scott Hartill who is refitting the mk1 #126. Thank you for the generous donation of these good quality scans.

Some drawings have been scanned multiple times – all scans received are listed below. The five digit numbers (00315-00340) are simply a filename for convenience. All the links below should open as .pdf files.

Dufour 00315 – mk1 cutter, rig dimensions, 51ft double spreader (untitled)

Dufour 00316 – mk1 internal divisions, aft (scan v1)(Harmonie)

Dufour 00317 – mk1 internal divisions, aft (scan v2)(Harmonie)

Dufour 00318 – mk1 internal divisions, aft (scan v3)(Harmonie)

Dufour 00319 – mk1 internal divisions, fwd

Dufour 00320 – mk1 CC, internal plan and longitudinal section

Dufour 00321 – mk1 CC, external plan and longitudinal elevation

Dufour 00322 – mk1 CC, external view

Dufour 00323 – mk1 cutter, rig dimensions, 51ft double spreader (titled)

Dufour 00324 – mk1 cutter, rig dimensions, 45ft single spreader (titled)

Dufour 00325 – mk1 CC, deck layout and sheeting schematics

Dufour 00326 – mk1 CC, internal general arrangement plan and longitudinal section (scan v1)

Dufour 00327 – mk1 ketch, rig dimensions, 45ft single spreader (titled)

Dufour 00328 – mk1 standard fuel + water tank type plan

Dufour 00329 – mk1 chainplate drawings

Dufour 00330 – mk1 stemhead fitting (Harmonie)

Dufour 00331 – mk1 CC, internal general arrangement plan and longitudinal section (scan v2)

Dufour 00332 – mk1 construction details

Dufour 00333 – mk1 structural construction (scan v1)

Dufour 00334 – mk1 CC joiner sections

Dufour 00335 – mk1 structural construction (scan v2)

Dufour 00336 – mk1 structural construction (scan v3)

Dufour 00337 – wiring diagram (yachts less than 50 ft)

Dufour 00338 – mk1 – hinged mast base, steel compression post (sheet 1 of 2)

Dufour 00339 – mk1 – hinged mast base, steel compression post (sheet 2 of 2)

Dufour 00340 – mk1 – wooden compression post and electrical bonding, cutter